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Our pledge

Our pledge towards our customers is to always offer our very best without any compromise. Good relations with our partners are the cornerstone of our success and we will do our utmost in order to fulfill our engagement. We have numerous testimonials from many clients and with that in mind, we put you as our number one priority.

At Quadratec Injection our quality policy is as follows.
Our goal is to meet or exceed the needs and requirements for all our customers in all products we produce. Our quality control department will take all necessary measures to ensure that every part that we produce conforms to the highest and most rigorous industry standards. We can tailor a custom inspection plan or work with an existing program by using industry standard quality tools such as PFMEA, DOE, SPE etc.

Customer/Supplier Partnership
As a supplier, our goal is to work with our customers in order to develop an excellent business relationship were both parties will benefit from one another while respecting integrity and transparency.

Aware that resources and technology are of primary importance and with our goal to satisfy our customers' requirements, we regularly re-evaluate our needs in management tools, human resources as well as manufacturing equipment.

Our commitment is to supply you with the very best quality product, at the lowest possible cost while respecting your production and scheduling, which in turn profits each other.

With a vision towards the future, our firm promotes and encourages the respect of good environmental practices. Knowing that plastics are reusable and recyclable, we put major efforts in minimizing material waste by applying a closed loop process allowing us to reuse any wasted parts or material. All our industrial oils are reused or recycled as recommended by provincial government laws. Our cooling systems are also in a closed loop process, keeping our water usage to the bare minimum. Morevover, we continually monitor our power consumption to be as efficient as possible and also reduce our electrical requirements.

Customer Service
Focused on keeping our customers satisfied and building a long term relationship, our team has always worked to deliver superior injected molded products.

All requests from our customers are handled personally and we will take all necessary actions to guaranty the smoothest possible relationship.

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