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Of course our first strength lies in injection molding, but years of experience in sub-assembly, development and tooling give our customers a broad range of services for a one shop stop experience.

Whether large or small runs, we offer the same service and expertise to all our customers. We know that a small company can one day become a large multinational and our goal is a long term association with all our customers.

Injection molding
Our manufacturing facilities are based in Dorval, Canada and our machine tonnage ranges from 80 to 660 tons.

We work with a wide variety of thermoplastics such as PP, PE, PS but we have extensive expertise with engineered resins such as ABS, PA, PC/ABS, PBT, PPS, LCP, PET, POM as well as many others. We also have all the auxiliary equipment required to optimize molding conditions, whether it be desiccant drying, mold heaters or servo robots for process automation or post molding operations.

An extensive preventive maintenance program added to stringent molding parameters ensures consistency. What's more by optimizing every aspect of the of the molding process we are proud of our very low reject rate operating with a 24 hours 7 days work week.

Assembly and related services
Component assembly is an important and often necessary requirement for pre and post molding operations and we offer a full array of capabilities backed by an experienced technical team.

Development of New Products (turnkey services)
Whether for part design or project management, our team can offer turnkey services for a current product line, or a new start up project. Our extensive knowledge in molding, part design as well as material selection are important aspects when it comes to selecting a company to manage your project.

At the beginning of a new project, we will work hand in hand with the different teams to optimize the design, resin selection, cycle time, budget or any other criteria to offer a quality product from a given tool. It's with our customers in mind that we offer a full array of services tied into injection molding.

With established contacts in different parts of Asia and Europe, Quadratec Injection can also offer overseas mold making, assembly or manufacturing upon customer request.

Mold Testing and Qualifying
Our background in problem resolution as well as troubleshooting can make the difference in meeting your customers' production deadlines in the qualifying of new tooling.

With our proven track record, we offer tailored services to mold makers and tooling firms located in Eastern Canada. Our technicians, facilities and expertise are at your disposal in order to qualify new or modified tooling and parts. We can even run pre-production and small first runs in order to meet initial orders and or modify tooling and proper mold operation.

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